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First snow

Work goes on outside. Tom mixes concrete.

Craig and Shawn set the garage apron drain system.

The new studio has been set up as a paint and stain room. Craig and Hassan stain the new front door. Trim work and beadboard is being painted and dried inside. Since there is no heat in the house, portable diesel and propane heaters are keeping this room warm.

Frank and Shawn work on additional framing needed in the living room before the eventual framing inspection.
The rebuilt bay window is behind them.

The fireplace chimney has been extended to punch through the new, higher roof. Its exterior stone cladding is finally done.

With the fireplace chimney operational, the fireplace is used to help heat the place and to burn the scrap wood.

Phyllis checks out the stained pine front door and the studio back door, painted to match the green windows.

More snow. Drifts up against the garage door tarps.

A view from the driveway showing the storage pod with a lot of our furniture and books inside, and the port-a-john. (The bathrooms in the house aren't reconnected yet.)

The new oil tank is installed in its own bay off the garage.

The new furnace, an Energy Kinetics oil-circulating hot water system with 6 heating zones is being installed.

Some of the guys from the A.D.Runyon Mechanicals heating and air conditioning install crew.

Running new baseboard heat in the dining room.

The new furnace gets a small, stainless steel chimney. That's all there is to it. We were going to reuse the old furnace's brick chimney, but it was falling apart. It was demolished last summer. The new one is much simpler to set up than rebuilding a masonry one. The one big stone mass of a chimney for the living room fireplace is enough to make the structure look right.

The porch posts are clad in painted pine.

The north facade at twilight.

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