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The back of the house (north facade) showing the exposed rafter details.

Gary frames in the garage door openings with pressure treated lumber. The overhang rafters
are up and painted; waiting for the roof decking. The cultured stone which matches the old
foundation the best we could find, is partially installed.

Craig gets ready to shovel concrete into the cardboard sonotube forms which will provide
footings for the front porch.

The air conditioning ductwork goes into the new construction courtesy of A.D. Runyon Mechanicals.

And the air conditioning ductwork is brought down into the old parts of the
house, too; here in the library (formerly Phyllis' office).

Trucks in front of the house.

The front porch deck frame starts.

Joists go in for the porch deck.

The porch ceiling and roof frame go up.

The porch mostly up.

Next up is the replacement of the old, leaky bay window and eventually the front door.

Once the big glass was out, the water damage in the base was apparent. The base below the window had been
replaced about 1985 because of earlier water damage, and though it wasn't nearly as bad this time, it had to
be rebuilt again. Frank cuts the old structure apart while Gary finishes up work on the rafters.

The window and base is completely removed and the water damaged floorboards are exposed so they can be
replaced before the window is rebuilt.

The bay window, completely gone for now, from inside the living room.

Craig and Shawn install one of the four main stair runs. This one goes from the new entry door up a half flight to the foyer, the space that used to be the old kitchen. More stair runs are waiting to be installed in the upper right of the picture, over Craig's shoulder.

One of the roofers shingles the front porch roof.

Tom (in door) and Gary install the double doors leading to the front walk-out balcony. Gary is standing on the front porch roof.

The last kitchen windows go in. These will be over the countertops flanking the stove. Tom puts the window in from inside while Gary, standing on the overhang above the garage doors, works on the outside. (Shot from the framed space where the other matching window will go.)

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