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The archway between the expanded dining room and the living room took some time to design and build. The design is a typical treatment in the Craftsman style. It is based on some patterns found in Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Magazine from the first decade of the 20th Century. There was also a feature about restoring a home on one of the cable TV home design channels. I grabbed a few video frames to use in our design.

Once the design was on paper, Frank and Tom could begin to build the trimmed out version on the rough framework they had put in during the earlier construction.

Frank installs the stained glass inserts while Phyllis watches. The antique windows were found by Phyllis online and picked up by us at Old Good Things salvage in Scranton, PA in 2004. After being measured for dimensions, they were stored through the construction.

Final work on the trim details.

The windows feature sunflowers. We have since found out that the Miller family who live here from 1959-1968 had planted sunflowers just outside of this room.

Staining begins. It took four coats of two different color stains to come up with the correct color. It's a slightly lighter shade than the base, door and window trim.

The finished archway. There are small halogen spotlights in the dining room which illuminate the glass when viewed from the living room.

A view from the dining room. This perspective of the fireplace would not have been possible with the old room configuation.

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