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In order to replace the stairs up from the driveway/garage area to the main side entrance we needed to replace the small concrete stair run demolished during construction. Rather than replace the concrete, we went with the idea of thick granite slabs which would form each step. Here are the ones we selected at the stoneyard in Bridgewater.

We also got a pallet of thinner stone slabs to have set as the walkway pavers. These would give the same rustic look as the concrete pavers still in place.

The new stairs are built up, dry laid (no mortar) in nearly the same place as the concrete steps once were. The location has been moved slightly closer to the tree to match the curving plan devised by our landscape architect friend Walter Carell.

Walter, in the blue coat, supervises mason John Neto and his crew. They're cutting the pavers to fit together over a base of gravel and stone dust.

More fitting over the indigenous rock base.

The front door and its plaza of fitted stone. We plan on planting shrubs on either side of the door.

The view of the stairs and entry plaza from the new upstairs master bedroom.

The stone step at the end of the front porch. The old concrete pavers lead almost to the right place. We need to power wash the concrete and add a small granite plaza to connect the two. The wires are the last analog phone line soon to be replaced with fiber optic lines which now come in on the other side of the house.

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