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The roof frame of the master bedroom suite above the kitchen begins.

The view looking north. The bathroom dormer has been started on the left.

The bathroom dormer mostly framed up.

The north gable end shapes up. The walkout balcony off the master bedroom is above the back porch

Wesketch architect Mark Cable and Tom Snyder discuss the stair tower framing.

Preparing to extend the vent pipes from the old bathrooms through the new roof line.

The east facade gable with its triple window has begun. It is over the dining room window bumpout, framed
and sheathed, waiting for the window openings to be routed. The tarp is for rain protection from possible
overnight storms. (We keep an eye on the NOAA weather radar all of the time online and by cell phone browser).

The rear (north) facade, wrap-around porch/veranda off the kitchen; walk-out balcony off the bedroom above.

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