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The field install crew from Phillipsburg Marble carries in one of the granite kitchen countertop pieces onto the front porch. and into the house

The piece rides on the skate through the dining room.

The granite is lifted into place to the right of the sink.

Jorge polishes the edges that are exposed in front of the farm sink.

Holes for the kitchen sink faucets are bored through the granite outside.

Phyllis places the faucet hardware in the holes drilled in the granite. The plumber will hook them up soon.

The farm sink with swamp motifs on the bronze front plate. Particularly appropriate since the window over the sink looks out across the Great Swamp Federal Wildlife Preserve.

The Cuccina sink hardware.

While the trim and kitchen counters were being done, we've also started to move the 100 or so containers holding our household items, which have been housed in the garage level storage room of the condo, back into the house. These are being kept out of the way in the unfinished space that could someday become a fourth bathroom. (We have no intention of finishing that bathroom; it's for resale value only.)

During July and August's run of 100 degree heatwaves we were lucky to be able to get the new central air conditioning working. The mechanics of the system are doing fine, but the plumbing for the water condensation lines isn't hooked up to the main drainage system yet. Instead, it empties into buckets where the pipe currently ends under the eaves. During the hottest days, the system was putting out five gallons of water every 2 1/2 hours. We have to carry the bucket catching the water from the pipe over to the nearest second floor window and toss the water out.

The old bedroom is cleaned up and ready for the carpeting. The bundle on the floor is the carpet installer's tackless strips.

Greg puts down the padding in the library.

John and Greg cut the room-size pieces out on the driveway.

The dark green pattern goes down in the old master bedroom/new guest room.

Sage green carpet goes down in the library.

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