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View from the driveway. A long exposure by moonlight and the lights from the house.

A moonlight view of the woods and power line cut out back. The excavated dirt and rocks from the construction have made the extended, level back lawn and semicircular stone wall overlooking the woods.

A winter view through the woods to the house behind us on Longview Terrace. In the 1960s a horse named Ginger lived there. The small house's addition is to the left of the original structure.

February 2008: The Verizon installer brings in the fiberoptic FiOS lines. This brings high-speed digital internet, phone and TV to the house. The FiOS network box is mounted on the wall next to the new circuit breaker panel. To the far right of the picture is the in-house phone junction box. This is also where the lines from around the house for the alarm system, ethernet lines, and low-voltage doorbell wires terminate. The RG-6 video lines come out near where the FiOS box is.

Video lines from around the house and their splitters. One split is for the Verizon TV service, the other for Comcast cable. These new lines are on the site of the old red oil burner, removed in 2005. (notice the unpainted partial "shadow" of the old furnace on the concrete wall).

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