HOUSE JULY 2005 #3

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The demolition crew removes the roof over the guest room. The telephone network box has been moved to a temporary post away from the house for the duration of the project.

The roof is gone over the guest room (left window) and the dining room (window removed for reused in the new studio). East facade ready to be removed.

The east wall comes down as does the wall between the guest room and the dining room.

The north wall of the dining room, before 1941 the exterior back wall of the house, comes off. It will be rebuilt later with slightly different dimensions.

The dining room east and north walls are gone. Only the floor remains and it will have to be torn up and rebuilt so that the framing of the cantilevered window bump-out on the new east wall can be constructed.

The poorly built wall between the dining room and the living room is removed. There is a temporary post holding up the living room ceiling system. It will all be coming down soon, too.

The living room-dining room wall is mostly gone.

Within two days, the new dining room east wall is framed up along with the floor system for the new second floor above. The cantilevered bump-out is to be constructed in the large central space between the two narrow window openings. The new living room-dining room wall's carrying header for the large passageway between the two rooms is partially framed. It is a continuation of the bump-out's dimensions with sight lines running to the living room fireplace.

The demolition crew takes off the roof over the over the west rooms, the den/study and the current master bedroom. This exposes the old exterior wall's white shingles. Before these rooms were added, this was the west end of the house. The old gable was enclosed in the attic under the hip roof now being removed. The fireplace chimney was at one time on the outside of the house. It has been, and will remain, enclosed inside the new structure. The chimney height will be extended to punch through the new roof peak.

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