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Darrell figuring out how to assemble the fan in the master bedroom.

Assembled and installed.

The storage pod located out in the driveway starts to get emptied now that there's space in the house for some of it to move back in.

Gary rides the loader with the washing machine up to the second floor,
through the bedroom walkout balcony and into the laundry room.

The new box beams are test fit in the living room. These are replicas of the ones that were there as tie beams before the second floor was added. Now that there's a new second floor system, these ones will be for non-structural visual effect. The pine will be stained to match the old dark woodwork in the room.

The hardwood flooring arrives. It's 5 inch wide prefinished 3/4 inch birch.
It will go in the kitchen, foyer, dining room, stairwell and second floor landings.

The second floor landing.

The kitchen floor.

Dining room.

Foyer at the foot of the stairs to the second floor.

The old wide-plank oak floor in the living room gets sanded.

Polyurethane finish on the living room floor.

The Snyder crew installs the kitchen cabinets.

More cabinet installation.

Craig rides the new refrigerator up to the kitchen.

Unpacking the refrigerator on the back porch. The outdoor ceiling fan is installed.

The refrigerator almost in.

The Bosch stove in its packing materials.

Now that it's empty, it's time for the Pod to leave. "Podzilla" from the Pod truck goes over to collect the Pod

The Pod truck got stuck in the gravel and concrete sand off the driveway and
had to be winched out. The cables are being attached to the tow truck.

The tow truck and then the Pod truck head down the driveway.

The first clear view of the east facade after the Pod left.

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