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The south facade as the dormers frame up. The walk-out balcony is in the center above the bay window.

View from inside the south walkout balcony's door.

Framing the stair tower and entry begins.

The stair tower roof line is tied into the main gable.

Installing the stairwell roof rafters.

On the ground, Tom crafts the flying rafter overhangs for the dormers and gables.

Craig installs the fly rafters on the east gable end.

Electric service is upgraded to 200 amps and extended through the new roof line.

Almost all of the Andersen windows and doors arrive. They're stored
in the empty dining room and living room until they get installed.

View of the mostly closed-in stairwell as viewed from the bedroom level landing.

Plywood goes up on the roof rafters

Last open rafters on the roof over the second floor near the stairwell.

Roof sheathing continues.

The stairwell entry tower and gable end on the east facade are mostly framed, sheathed and trimmed with exposed rafter overhangs and flying rafter details. Window openings are framed inside, but not all of the plywood sheathing has been cut open for them yet.

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